Cancelled reservation without notification Stranded

Cancelled reservation without notification Stranded

Made a reservation thru AutoRentals, went to pick up the car only to find out that the reservation had been cancelled. I was never notified of the cancellation. I had to spend the next 3 hours of my vacation getting another rental car. Called their customer service department, they stated that the Rental Car company cancelled the reservation because they had problems with the vehicle, which is bogus, its not like they don't have other vehicles to give me. Do not recommend this company. This company reviews on other sites is often very low, which is also concerning. They would not offer any reimbursement for my time and inconvenience. Also, AutoRentals goes thru a company called CarRentals8 who has 41 complaints and a Facebook review of 1.7, hard to believe they would rent cars thru such a bad company.


Horrible Customer Service

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