Incompetent Scammers-Be Aware!

Incompetent Scammers-Be Aware!

Made a deposit for an automatic in St Marteen. When I got there they didn't have the car that I reserved and try to give me a small manual piece of junk! I asked the guy to refund me my money, but that of course didn't happen otherwise I wouldn't be starting this! - Let the games begin!

After writing and complaining to car flexi, they told me that I would need to be patient until they hear back from the location, who wouldn't respond back and 2 months later I get an email saying this: (lying Scammers

Thank you for your patience on your matter.

AUTOUNION sincerely apologizes for their late reply and any inconvenience caused to you.

As being advised by their rental branch the great majority of their fleet in Saint Martin is automatic vehicles.

In addition to that they do not have smaller manual vehicles than the category booked.

Consequently it is highly unlikely that you had been offered a smaller manual vehicle.

Regrettably the online payment cannot be refunded in this case.
Kind Regards
Tati O.
Customer service Team

Absolutely Nothing!

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