A bad service story

A bad service story

A story about how bad service would look like...
I rented two 9 seater cars.When I arrived to pick them up they told me I can not because they are both on the same name and only CarFlexy representative can change the name. I tried to call them many times to change the name but there was no answer and the Sicily representative didnt want to help. I wasted a lot of time at the rental service center and got only one car and had to rent another one from a different agancy! Plus_ the car I got was poorly maintained: broken ventilation tunnels_ inoperative reverse camera_ inoperative bluetooth connection and a dirty car! I am very disapointed of the service I recieved!!
But this was not the end of it... I was charged for the deposite for the car I did not take, and when I e-mailed CarFlexy- they told me this is their policy. I was expecting a full refund for the car I didnt pick up and maybe some explainations regarding the poor car condition and the bad service... but since that one reaction- nobody got back to me for weeks until now although I wrote several additional e-mails. Over the phone it is impossible to reach them...

Bottom line: if everything goes as planned- the cheap prise is nice... but when you need service... well, don't even try.

Very disapointing!.

Service not available

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