I really thought I had done my research for an upcoming holiday to NZ for 2 weeks. Car rentals were going to be expensive but an amazing deal came up for a Lexus SUV hybrid for a similar price to other smaller cars I had been looking at. I thought it was because it had been a last minute booking. Oh NOOOOO!!!
I should have done my research! Don’t trust the Trust pilot reviews!! Trust the TripAdvisor and the ones on this website. Was scammed out of extra insurance cover which seemed to cover nothing extra as the hirer did not recognise it! And when we arrived there was only a teeny tiny Toyota Corolla hatch available for us to use! My voucher apparently only covered a compact hybrid so it seems clear that the hire companies are not given the same information that we are imparted! My impression of the booking was that of a luxury European SUV!! Big difference in comfort and size! We had arrived as a family with all our luggage and had to fork out 600 dollars extra plus insurance to get any kind of SUV. TOTAL RIPOFF

Seemed too good to be true

It was a big fat lie!!!

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