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Honestly say, this is very bad and unprofessional service. It destroyed out pleasant trip recently in Gold Coast. We booked the car online and filled all flight information and my contact detail. Because the airline delayed one hour, when we got out airport, there was no shuttle at such. I rang their service by using international toll call for more than one hour. No one answered the phone. They told me the phone transferred to operator and went to a circle. I had to take taxi to hotel. Because I had not used the rental car and I requested refund. This company has no telephone contact and only can get them through email. It is very very slow to response to email. It normally take a few days to get useless answer. And declined my request. Money is one thing and they tried to cheat customer and rip off customer.
PLEASE PLEASE take extremely care when you use their service. It looks save a few dollars, but in the end you can waste more money and time.
This is very unprofessional service. Very disappointed. There is no telephone service. Only can communication through email, very slow responses to email. We never recommend to anyone.

Guang-Feng does NOT recommend to friends/family


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