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Review about ABBYCAR Car Rental

Chose a car online at Kalamata Airport and selected and pain for excess insurance.
On arriving at the office we were told the insurance was worthless and unless we chose their insurance we would be charged 70 euros for even the tiniest mark plus150 euros admin per mark. We knew we would be scammed on return if we didn’t comply so went with his,’insurance’.
We were neither given nor shown any insurance policy documents, no information about breakdown, no information about where to return the car and not even information about the type of fuel.
We were then shown a car belonging To EUROCAR which apparently is the same company’s Abbycar. It had multiple scratches on every panel making it impossible to identify any new marks plus a broken sidelight. The man got very cross when I photographed the damage.
On return the woman from EUROCAR said the problem was because we had booked via an agent and next time to come directly to them. I wonder what the agency I booked with and who got hem the business think about that comment?

They met us at the airport.

Just about everything.