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    I am satisfaction from broker

    At Memmingen airport (Germany), a car with a pre-paid voucher was taken through a broker . The representative of the rental company Sicht, without notifying me in advance, made a payment for GPS, additional tax at the airport, receiving a car after hours, etc. To my objections that all this is included in the voucher, and the opening hours until the six of the evening concern only all days except Friday, and on Friday the office works until ten in the evening there was no response. After long discussions and calling the manager, the GPS fee requirement was removed, all other payment requirements remained.
    After returning from the trip, I contacted the broker, it took two calls and three emails, but all the illegally withheld money was returned, which pleases.The bureaucracy took a little too much time.

    Good conection

    The bureaucracy took a little too much time.

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