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I rented a car via CARFLEXI web site and it destroyed out pleasant trip to Italy for me & my friends.
Upon arrival at the rental company, we were informed that it does not have such cars for which CARFLEXI makes reservations and they have never had such cars.
The staff at the rental was very nice and it was clearly indicated that the fault was CARFLEXI - because they make reservations for vehicles that are not available in this car rental company.
We made several international phone calls to CARFLEXI call center - no one helped us and we became a whole group in a foreign country without a car. We only received good advice over the phone - that we should look for another car rental !!!
Can you imagine how to find an available car for few days at the peak of the tourist season !?
For CARFLEXI - no any problem, right - it's just a client problem !!!
After checking several car rental companies we finally found an available car and of course, when you will rent in this situation - you rent on the terms someone else forces you to. In short, having a credit card and money for a deposit we had to buy more than twice as expensive insurance.
When I came back home I contacted CarFlexi. They shake off any responsibility from their side, and did not agree to refund me on the excess amount I paid - instead, I read lies and childish excuses.

IN MY OPINION : if you don't want to be cheated, you better avoid any business with CARFLEXI !!!