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    Unprofessional and bad service

    Honestly say, this is very bad and unprofessional service. It destroyed out pleasant trip recently in Gold Coast. We booked the car online and filled all flight information and my contact detail. Because the airline delayed one hour, when we got out airport, there was no shuttle at such. I rang their service by using international toll call for more than one hour. No one answered the phone. They told me the phone transferred to operator and went to a circle. I had to take taxi to hotel. Because I had not used the rental car and I requested refund. This company has no telephone contact and only can get them through email. It is very very slow to response to email. It normally take a few days to get useless answer. And declined my request. Money is one thing and they tried to cheat customer and rip off customer.
    PLEASE PLEASE take extremely care when you use their service. It looks save a few dollars, but in the end you can waste more money and time.
    This is very unprofessional service. Very disappointed. There is no telephone service. Only can communication through email, very slow responses to email. We never recommend to anyone.

    Beware of CarFlexi

    I rented a car via CarFlexi web site. I received the car in the airport in Romania from a rental car company called InterRent. I purchased via CarFlexi web site "Excess Damage Protection" insurance. Part of the overall payment was payed to CarFlexi in their web site, and the rest should be paid at InterRent desk on the day I take the car.

    To my surprise, InterRent charged me with a much higher amount than agreed in the contract with CarFlexi. They did not agree to deliver the car at the price agreed with CarFlexi. According to InterRent this is the price of the car, and it does not include any insurance in addition to what I purchased thru CarFlexi.

    I didn't have a choice but to pay and take the car.

    When I came back home I contacted CarFlexi. They shake off any responsibility from their side, and did not agree to refund me on the excess amount I paid. They say that I purchased additional insurance at InterRent desk, which I didn't. They said I had to contact them right away, but they don't give you any phone number, and as a tourist who has just landed I didn't even have a local sim card to call them at this point of time.

    In short, if you don't want to be cheated, you better avoid any business with CarFlexi


    scam company

    No Car, Lost Deposit

    Received a great quote w/ an easy reservation process. When we went to pick-up the car in Athens, the local agency wouldn't honor the rental as I didn't have an International Driver's License (I've rented twice in Italy in the last 6 months without one so wasn't aware). Yes, this was buried in the T&C's on Carflexi's website but wasn't cited in the multiple advance emails listing out the required documentation (they cited the following: voucher, valid credit card, drivers license, ID/passport). In-the-moment support was terrible: slow chat offering no helpful info, leaving us stranded w/ no took multiple taxis, busses and 5 additional hours to get us and the kids to our destination. Follow-up support continued to be a disaster, lost all of my $672 deposit as they were of no help, took no accountability and "hid behind the fine print." Ended up going directly to Sixt and had a great experience: they gave us the info needed to get the necessary license in a matter of hours online and ultimately gave us a better price on a slightly larger car. Going direct with the rental agencies is definitely the best way to go...unfortunately this was an expensive lesson to learn.

    easy initial process

    no customer support, hide behind the "fine print" in the terms and conditions


    I reserved for July 2019 through CarFlexi a car for one day, in Madrid. On the voucher there was only one figure: rental 24EUR, all taxes included. At the rental company - FireFly - I had to pay additional 7EUR local tax and 31EUR for refuelling, although I returned the car with full tank. To my complain to CarFlexi, it took them 2 weeks to answer, without telling me where it was written that I will have to pay 31EUR for a service that was not provided. So, in the end, I paid more than double. That's how they appear to be so cheap...

    Don't Use Carflexi

    Horrible customer service. Carflexi didn't return our deposit after refusing us a car. Don't use!

    Thieves and scam artists

    I paid carflexi a deposit ,of £152 90 rest to be paid on pickup at LPA airport ,Gran Canaria, when arriving at Interrent car hire ,with voucher I was told they knew nothing concerning the hire ,so I had to pay in full as it was 11PM I was left no choice holiday ruined , anyone interested in taking this company to task please get in touch let's band together to try and put a stop to this thieving lot ,

    Totally misrepresented!!!

    My TOTAL rental as quoted
    Online at time of search was to be $342.30. They took a deposit of $60.30. My voucher said my balance due was $282.00 at the counter. NO additional items were requested or purchased. FOX , said the total was $415.41 on TOP of the $60.30 already paid!!! What a scam... their “855” customer service number does NOT work!!! They cannot be reached. If you use CARflexi ... good luck because I will NEVER use them or FOX again! VERY misleading. Lousy way to start a vacation.

    No pros. Cannot even teach them.

    Totally misleading on price. The printed voucher means nothing at check in.

    Never again! is an Absolute SCAM.
    Poor quality services, thieves, unhealthy !!!! Very Poor Communication! Does not provide the services for which they were paid and does not refund the paid money!


    a lot


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