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  • Hello people .Be careful don’t use this CarFlexi to rent Car.They cheating on Price and hidden Fee . I make bad experience with them nBe Careful . I hope help you this information . CF35C3A9-booking number

    Bad .

    Fee and hidden kost .

    By Tasho Sehitaj on April 11, 2020 Reply
  • Bad -

    Bad company, give not right info, when u call support to be helped they do nothing and are rude

    By Marco on February 27, 2020 Reply
  • Our experience with CARFLEXI is terrible, the total sum shown at the end and the sum required buy the car rental is not the same. We had to pay more than we payed when rented for carflexi. Even though we have rented this WINTER TIRES the sicily by car insisted that the cars are not with winter tires and that we should pay more. we were with our baby, so we had to completely change our car and rented more expensive cars, in order to take the car and proceed. it was terrible. the after service is good, but the rental period from carflexi is terrible. we will never rent again.



    By almira on February 20, 2020 Reply


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